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Important Notes about Glyph Versions
Many items in the wiki have a version number next to them, which reflects when that feature will be available. For example, Create a New Fixed Page (v1.0) means that feature is available as part of the Version 1.0 delivery. Below are estimated dates for delivery of each version. This information will be updated as final dates are determined.
Version Estimated Date Available
1.0 3/11/2009
1.1 5/7/2009
1.5 5/29/2009
2.0 7/31/2009
2.5 10/15/2009
3.0 3/31/2010
3.1 5/31/2010
3.2 7/31/2010

Welcome to Glyph

Glyph is an easy-to-use suite of tools that makes the process of editing and managing a website accessible to a large community of people.

For quick help on specific tasks start with the Features Overview.


For information on using Glyph, please consult the Glyph User's Manual.

For information on The College of Saint Rose implementation of Glyph, please consult the Saint Rose Implementation Manual.

Check out our new Frequently Asked Questions page.

Questions & Feedback

If after checking the Wiki you still have questions, or if you'd like to provide us with feedback or other comments, please contact us.

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